Eriacta User Reviews

imgIs eriacta as good as viagra? – this is the question I asked myself when bought the pills. At least they look nearly the same: same shape and color. So I expected the same effectiveness. My expectations were met. I didn’t noticed the difference, but for the price. This what made me shift from viagra to eriacta, which is much cheaper. No regrets by the way.


I’m not too obsessed with brand medications. There are much talks about brand or generic, what’s better among two. So when it comes to drugs, the main factor is effectiveness. My eriacta haven’t yet failed me. It works perfect, keeps me in aways-ready form and works in a natural way. Love it.


Facial flushing was the only side effect I got. I read about that in instruction but hoped it will omit me. Unfortunately not, but I decided to try to lower the dosage. I took eriacta 25mg. The effect was not that extremely solid like with a whole pill though no side effects noticed. Now I’m an absolutely sexually able man.


I suffered from weak erection but not from the absence of it like many men here. I’m only 20+ but for some reasons (stress probably) I am not always in form to have a solid pole for long. It lasts for a couple of minutes and then fades away. Eriacta helps me to be successful during intercourse. My girl even doesn’t know I’m on pills, it looks so natural.


Bought, took and won! This is what I think about eriacta.


If you want to spend weekends in the most unforgettable way without leaving your bed for all day long, opt for eriacta. You’ll get the best sex ever. I personally checked that.


I rarely use eriacta. I think I’m a poor customer to give my recommendations. The thing is I use only one fourth of a pill and it’s perfect for me. The effect lasts for 24 hours. No bad effects with me. Moreover, after taking it on a regular basis I can say it possesses a healing effect! It lowers the pressure and stimulates potency. For the last 3 months I didn’t take even a single pill. Threw off the illness:))) Thanks to eliacta. Though I always keep some pill at home, just in case.


Judging from my experience eriacta works amazingly! I’ve got a slight erectile dysfunction. I took eriacta 25mg, but it wasn’t enough for me. The dosage should be decided individually, for me it was too low. It didn’t work long actually, a couple of hours and that’s it. When I doubled a dosage I felt my body gets vigor in a couple of minutes. And the effect lasts more than 24 hours. I’m 47, a healthy man in a good physical shape. Men of my age can still have fruitful sex.


The result is great, though I had red face as an after effect. And I used to have muscle spasms in my back when I orgasmed. It’s because of a spinal injury I guess. So they’ve gone. Before that I had problems with potency for about 6 years. Now my wife is happy even more than I’m I think. Thanks to these magic pills.